Photo of Amber Omran - National Sales Manager

Epsilon Electronics Inc welcomes new National Sales Manager Amber Omran

Montebello, CA April 15, 2016 – Epsilon Electronics Inc welcomes Amber Omran as National Sales Manager to our sister brands NESA and VST. Both brands focus on manufacturing audio and visual electronics to the automotive industry and provide a lot of the high quality products that Epsilon is proud of providing. Amber is “…really excited about this new venture and opportunity. My goal here is to team up with our sales reps and customers to bring brand awareness to NESA and VST.” Having worked in manufacturing and as a sales rep, she brings a unique skill set to the table understanding both sides of the equation. Furthermore Amber believes that “Processes lead to efficiency and efficiencies lead to growth.”

VST holds a strong reputation as one of the leading manufacturers in the mobile video industry for their maximum information display systems and advanced technological products. Every year VST expands their product lines and introduces new innovative products to various markets in order to meet and exceed the demands of consumers and audio and visual enthusiasts. VST products are engineered to simplify all aspects of the mobile video industry without sacrificing quality unlike other competitors. VST only used the highest quality screens available today in conjunction with the finest premium materials resulting in products that are clearly unsurpassed. The craftsmanship of VST products are unchallenged, and with vast new ideas that are created for this market, it is obvious why VST products remain as the first choice among consumers.

NESA International Inc. is a premier one-stop supplier of mobile video products and accessories to the automotive after market worldwide. NESA has earned a very strong reputation for high quality mobile video products in the mobile electronic industry. They are committed to bring only the finest craftsmanship of products to market. When you offer competitive pricing and high quality products it is no surprise to have a very loyal growing dealer base. NESA will continue to offer leading edge technology and with its proven track record for reliability, that will keep competition at bay. NESA product planning and development team will continue to offer leading-edge technology and high value products at least one year ahead of the industry.

Soundstream Technologies and Precision Power both operate under the umbrella of Epsilon Electronics Inc. We specialize in the automotive electronics audio/visual industry. Dating back more than 30 years, Epsilon Electronics, Inc. has been a pioneer in the audio world with visionary products for both the home and vehicle. With a foundation established in 1983, Epsilon has a history rich in this arena, specializing in the automotive audio industry. In 1996 Epsilon became only the second U.S. based manufacturer to enter the automotive video category. As an innovator, Epsilon introduced several mobile video products, securing significant global market share in a young, evolving technology.