Epsilon Electronics Inc employees new west regional sales manager: Adrian Stoner

Montebello, CA Sept 25, 2015 – Epsilon Electronics Inc has employed a new West Regional Sales Manager, Adrian Stoner. Adrian contains a degree in Business Administration and has been working in the sales and marketing field, in particular the 12volt industry close to 18 years. He has a wide variety of experience in the consumer electronics sector and has worked with high-profile companies, which include Clarion, DEI, Alpine Electronics, and most recently Kicker.

Adrian Stoner is excited to work with Epsilon and has many goals to attain including “…to review the region, assess customer needs and get feedback on what’s needed to grow our brand with current partners as well as vet out potential new customers.” Furthermore, he foresees many changes ahead in the company including “We are looking to grow our brand image, grow our sales and of course grow company margins.  This will mean some behavioral changes for the company as well as in our regions.”

Epsilon Electronics Inc has been around for more than thirty-two years and its longevity speaks to the quality of its products. The individuals who make up the professional staff at Epsilon Electronics Inc take pride in the fact that their company has been through the many changes that the professional sound products industry has seen over the last three decades. Furthermore, Epsilon Electronics Inc has thrived as a company because of their penchant for creating new, dynamic, innovative, creative products for the professional sound industry.

For more info: http://epsilonelectronicsinc.com