Photo of Kent Daigle - Central Regional Sales Manager

Epsilon Electronics Inc employs new Central Regional Sales Manager: Kent Daigle

Montebello, CA Aug 6th, 2015 ā€“ Epsilon Electronics Inc has employed a new Central Regional Sales Manager. Kent Daigle comes to Epsilon with a number of years of experience developing and leading integrated sales teams to achieve maximum productivity. His expertise lie mostly on executing short and long-range profit and strategic plans to include: business, planning organizational engineering, and process/productivity/quality improvement.

Kent is looking forward to working with Epsilon said the following “I appreciate the opportunity and Iā€™m very excited about my new role! Car audio and 12-volt overall, has always been my passion.ā€ Kent brings more than 25 years of experience from all sides of the 12volt and Home A/V business ā€” from retail to manufacture, and also as a manufacturer’s rep.


Epsilon Electronics Inc has been around for more than thirty-two years and its longevity speaks to the quality of its products. The individuals who make up the professional staff at Epsilon Electronics Inc take pride in the fact that their company has been through the many changes that the professional sound products industry has seen over the last three decades. Furthermore, Epsilon Electronics Inc has thrived as a company because of their penchant for creating new, dynamic, innovative, creative products for the professional sound industry. For more information regarding Epsilon Electronics Inc please go to: