Soundstream has been the leader in mobile audio engineering and performance for the past 20 years. The vision has remained constant throughout this period. "Bold engineering and unconventional thinking will bring out nothing but the best in both our product and our people". This vision has earned Soundstream over 90 industry awards for innovation and performance.

Power Acoustik

Power Acoustik is one of the leading name brands under the Epsilon Electronics Inc. Our approach is simple: continue to increase the value of products for our customers. Each year we offer products with features that supersede previous models, as well as your expectations. We apply the most innovative ideas to our designs and features up to the last possible moment, insuring nothing is overlooked.

Precision Power

Award-winning Precision Power’s engineering prowess has set new standards of excellence in the automotive electronics industry. More often than not, when companies change ownership the new owner lives on its laurels and doesn't add value to the brand. Our mission has since been to lift the brands image beyond the expectations of the consumer. By applying new technologies like SMT production techniques, it has provided the best-in-class sound quality at reasonable retail prices.


Epsilon Electronics is the parent company of Farenheit Technologies and is celebrating 26 years of excellence. Since the beginning we have had one guiding principal... the want to be the most innovative and best engineered video product in the market place. Product reliability and customer satisfaction is the foundation our company has been built on. Our success with this approach has propelled our image even further than our unique American engineering and designs could ever have.


NESA has earned a very strong reputation for high quality mobile video products in the mobile electronic industry. We are committed to bring only the finest craftsmanship of products to market. When you offer competitive pricing and high quality products it is no surprise to have a very loyal growing dealer base. NESA will continue to offer leading edge technology and with its proven track record for reliability, that will keep competition at bay.


VST holds a strong reputation as one of the leading manufacturers in the mobile video industry for their maximum information display systems and advanced technological products. Every year VST expands their product lines and introduces new innovative products to various markets in order to meet and exceed the demands of consumers and audio & visual enthusiasts. VST products are engineered to simplify all aspects of the mobile video industry without sacrificing quality unlike other competitors.

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